Hill House Archway

Hill House was a 1970s, 13-storey office building, which is part of the Archway Island site in Islington, north London. The project retained the existing building and converted 12 floors to residential use, housing over 150 flats and recreational facilities.

The redevelopment involved complete internal refurbishment, re-cladding of the existing façade and general improvements to the immediate streetscape.

The scope of work by Skelly & Couch provided energy-efficient new building services; enhanced the building façade to provide thermal control; and offered natural ventilation rates catering for both overheating (to comply with Islington design guidance) and fresh air. The residential block has been estimated to provide 37% less gas consumption and almost 70% less electricity than its previous office use, leading to an overall carbon reduction saving of 72%, or 916 tonnes CO2 for the entire scheme.

Ventilation. The façade was configured to allow background and boost natural ventilation plus heat recovery connections.

Sunlight / Daylight. Specific solar control glass was used to maximise the amount of available daylight whilst limiting the effects of overheating by direct sunlight.

Views. The high proportion of glazing maximises opportunities for spectacular views of the London skyline.

Efficient serving. CHP and other efficiency techniques were used to comply with the strigent energy targets set by Islington Council.