Cambridge Mosque

The New Mosque in Cambridge will be the first ‘Eco-Mosque’ in Europe.

The site will include a 1,000 capacity prayer hall, community kitchen and café, teaching rooms, two residential units and an underground car park. The building will be surrounded by a cypress tree garden, providing an oasis within the immediate urban environment.

The design intent is for environmental and energy concepts for the building and its integrated services to achieve low carbon emissions and none on site.

The building will use high thermal performance materials.  Energy input will be from mains electricity, delivering heat or cooling needs through renewable energy harvesting heat pumps, as an alternative to the use of gas boilers.

Energy use will be minimised by using mixed mode systems – static heating and natural ventilation, supplemented by displacement cool air supply at times of high occupancy or high heat gains and natural light supplemented by low energy LED artificial lighting. The Mosque is designed so that no artificial lighting will be necessary during daylight hours.

The internal temperature will be controlled using locally generated energy from heat pumps in the basement.  This type of heat pump extracts energy from the relatively stable temperature of the air or ground water which will heat or cool the building as necessary.

Grey or rainwater will be harvested to flush W.C.s and irrigation for the grounds and landscaping. The building’s low initial carbon footprint will improve over time as mains electricity production from renewable sources increases.

Skelly & Couch is appointed to provide M&E design services, initially through to RIBA Stage D.